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. About Us

 The luxury bags with your company logo on are not only simple tools to carry products from store to home; but also the cheapest and one of the most perfect means to promote awareness of your company to your customers and consumers; thus may act as a great tool to support your media and advertising investments in an extremely efficient way... 

INCI PACKAGING LTD (pearlBAGS as brand name) based on the above mindset and with its commitment to superior quality, years of experience and expertise supported by a dynamic team of customer service and production is the leading supplier company specialized in luxury hand-made bags based in Istanbul, Turkey.


Specialized on retail sales, promotions and trade expositions, we have been servicing to a wide array of world-wide companies combining top quality and speed.  We owe this to the simple fact that we ONLY focus our efforts on luxury hand-made bags  with a sophisticated quality control and follow-up process from the time the orders generated until the final point of delivery.


Fast service ,best quality  and customer satisfaction are our first priorities in

INCI PACKAGING  and because of this  goals ,our referance list is growing  everyday.